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What is LON-CAPA?
Learning Online Network with Computer-Assisted Personlized Approach (LON-CAPA) is an open-source Learning Content Management System developed at Michigan State University (learn more...). The system started as CAPA in 1992 with a 90 student physics course at MSU. In 1999, CAPA was merged with another system as MSU to form LON-CAPA. LON-CAPA is now used in more than 100 institutions, ranging from middle school to graduate level courses. Disciplines that use LON-CAPA include accounting, astronomy, biology, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, family and child ecology, finance, food service and nutrition, geology, human environment and design, human medicine, mathematics, medical technology, physics, and psychology. FSU started using CAPA in Spring 1998 for Physics. From 2003/04, CAPA was phased out and replaced by LON-CAPA. Currently, LON-CAPA is used in Chemistry, Biological Science, Chemistry, language placement exams and in middle and high schools.
An account is automatically created on the FSU LON-CAPA system for every student enrolled in a course that is using LON-CAPA. The username/password is your FSUID (or garnet/mailer) account. On the LON-CAPA system, the username is case-sensitive and for most users, the username should all be in lower-case letters. For example, even though the FSU Central Authentication System (CAS) may authenticate you when you enter your username as Abc08d, this will not work under LON-CAPA. Use abc08d instead.
Instructor-of-record may request a LON-CAPA course by going to the online request form. You must be an instructor at FSU to request a course and an existing user of LON-CAPA. A request should be made for a LON-CAPA course for each semester for which LON-CAPA is to be used. Courses are not created automatically under LON-CAPA. LON-CAPA is used as an assessment tool in individualized assignments, randomized quizzes, pre-labs, ..
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